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Closely associated tablets with comparable sedative and anaesthetic results. When consumed, GBL is transformed into GHB withinside the body
Also called:
1 4-Bd Gbh Gbl Geebs Liquid Ecstasy
What does it appearance like?
GHB (gammahydroxybutrate) and GBL (gammabutyrolactone) appearance identical.

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They are bought as:

colourless oily liquids
capsules, however that is uncommon
as powder or paste, however that is additionally uncommon
GHB has a scientific use withinside the remedy of narcolepsy, and GBL is utilized in stain remover, rust remover, superglue remover, as an alloy purifier and as a paint stripper.

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What does it flavor/scent like?

  • GHB has nearly no scent and a salty/soapy flavor.
  • GBL has a totally robust chemical flavor and scent.

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How do human beings take it ?

It’s very smooth to overdose on GHB and GBL. This is due to the fact there is handiest a totally small distinction among the dose inflicting the preferred results and the dose main to excessive overdose.

Experienced customers degree the drug out very cautiously the usage of a pipette or a syringe, or through filling pre-measured vials (small bottles) to keep away from taking too much. If you don’t degree the dosage, you’re in all likelihood to overdose and fall unconscious.

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Drinking GHB or GBL on its personal might cause chemical burns for your mouth and throat. Because of this, human beings take GHB and GBL orally through the usage of a pipette, syringe or pre-measured vial to degree the dose after which blend it right into a tender drink.

You can’t inject GBL, however a few human beings inject GHB – despite the fact that that is uncommon and especially dangerous.

You can’t chortle GBL (as it’s a liquid), however a few human beings chortle GHB powder, however that is additionally very uncommon.

How does it make you feel?
GHB and GBL each produce the equal results, which may be just like the results produced through alcohol.

GHB and GBL could make you feel:

grew to become on/sexy
How does it make human beings behave?
GHB and GBL can lessen human beings’s inhibitions, and a few human beings take the medicine to have greater severe sex.

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